Sunday, January 29, 2012

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Andreas Paradise. An Interview

No my friends, I'm not taking my self an interview :-) This blog as my readers know is not actually about my photography but about my thoughts and my interests in photography. So, Alex Coghe has given me the opportunity to express some of my thoughts in photography.

His blog is specialized in street photography so my answers was given in that in mind but photography has values which exist in every kind of photography.

I will copy just the two first questions about what is street photography for me and what the photography of Andreas Paradise is looking for and I will sugest you not only to read the rest of the interview but to search the rest of the blog "in35mm" for interesting infos in street photography and some more interesting interviews from other photographers

Hello Andreas, we start this interview with a classic question: street photography for you is...

Hi Alex, street photography is for me a way not only to see but also to feel the fellow people, the world, the everyday reality, the small details which engulf us in public places but which I couldn't see before starting to shoot in the streets or before starting to enjoy the good sp of other photographers. Street photography is a way to discover an invisible world, a parallel odd world which coexist with the boring one we all know.

And the photography of Andreas Paradise what is looking for?

I could say that my photography is looking for my truth. My truth of how the world is or could be. But of course this truth is a big lie after all. But don't forget that photos say true things with lies.

The rest of the Interview is here


  1. I love your pictures. But there is no truth.

  2. Thanks georg for your comment. Perception of truth is always a big issue.

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