Thursday, June 13, 2013

Solidarity for ERT (Greek National Broadcasting Co)

The Greek government has shut down the National Broadcasting Co (ERT) by decree. It rendered 3,000 workers jobless overnight. At midnight 11 June 2013, riot police went to Mount Ymittos and turned off the broadcasting antennas of ERT, and evacuated the buildings from its employees. This decision was taken by ministerial decree and did not receive parliamentary approval. Stand with the employees of ERT in solidarity against authoritarianism.

ERT journalists defy the government decision to abandon the headquarters of ERT and keep broadcasting a live program that is been transmitted with the aid of EBU (European Broadcasting Union).
European Broadcasting Union has stepped in to help Greek TV journalists keep the country's state broadcaster on air after the government announced on Tuesday night it was closing it down as an austerity measure with immediate effect.

A number of ERT staff have defied the government order, staying overnight in the broadcaster's headquarters and managing to continue broadcasting a makeshift schedule of news and talk shows.
There is no Greek website that has not put a link to a live stream from NET.