Saturday, September 19, 2015

R.I.P Christophe Agou

Few days ago I read in social media  very sad news. Christophe Agou has passed away. So young, only 46 years old, so talented, so many more to give us. I didn't know Cristopher in person we had only communication through social media but I feel I knew him as a person, I feel I know his soul through his photographs. I can tell just one thing, he made this world a bit less boring with his work and his vision.

Few words from his bio.

"He was born in 1969 in montbrison, a small town at the foot of the forez hills, in the loire department, france, christophe agou left france in 1992 and settled in new york. this early voluntary exile, an urge to immerse himself in a completely different world, is typical of the work that christophe agou has been developing over the last twenty years: an intuitive and empirical exploration of universes, situations and people that he comes to understand by a gradual process of absorption, not realizing it has happened until he finds himself resonating intimately with them.

working with equal ease from black and white to color, from landscape to portrait, he does not favor any style, ensuring constantly to renew his statements and the forms of his own vision. he came to the notice of international critics for several works, particularly his series of images on subway passengers in new york. the photographs evoke a sense of longing and isolation. the result of this work has been carried out in a book and published life below in 2004.

over the years, christophe agou has been extending his expression into other media, always working intuitively, making assemblages, multimedia installations, films and writing short stories. in the winter of 2002, christophe agou returned to his native forez and roamed around the harsh landscape there; it had never left his mind. over time, and through the gradual process of building trust and friendship, the farmers and their families accepted him and allowed him to both photograph and film their daily existence. the resulting body of work, titled face au silence (in the face of silence), was awarded the 17th european publishers award for photography.

in 2010, his new photographs of people and places explore the theme of impermanence to its glowing limits. he self-published les faits secondaires (secondary facts/side effect) in 2013. the limited edition book brings together sixty photographs, a text by john berger, and poems by daniel de bruycker.

His website for more of his work

R.I.P Christopher  

                                                      All photos © Christophe Agou